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Jun 08, 2020 at 12:23 AM

As many residents of the City of Phillips know, the bank clock was first mounted in Phillips in 1918. It hung from the brownstone building at 126 North Lake Avenue. When the bank moved to the corner of Hwy. 13 and Cherry Street in 1948, the clock moved with it. In 1980, a bullet was shot through the clock, and it was repaired. In 1982, the clock was again vandalized with shotgun pellets, damaging the glass and face of the clock, which had to be replaced at that time. In 2016, Wells Fargo, the then current owners of the bank building and clock, made a decision to take down the clock, which occurred in a rough fashion, causing the glass and face to again be destroyed, plus the metal took on some damage. The remains were sent to a scrap metal business in Minocqua.

The Power of 3 Community Development Group was formed by Judy Hayton, Davette Hrabak, and Lynne Bohn, specifically to restore the clock. Through their cumulative efforts, they were able to save what was left of the clock, which was set to be entirely scrapped the day after their phone call, and they began fundraising to restore the clock.

Currently, the bank clock restoration is well underway. Some local townspeople and businesses, who will be named upon the project completion (unless they asked to be kept as private donors), have donated time and money to the effort. The clock has been sandblasted and painted. Since some of the decorative corner pieces were missing, some of them had to be manufactured by a local company. The face was made and the clock hands have been put in place. Ninety percent or more of the clock has been restored at this time.

The final piece needed will be a pole to erect the clock high above Phillips once again. While the group did consider putting the clock back on either of the two buildings where it once resided, if possible, they decided against that option. At any time, a building can be sold, and then the clock could land on a scrap pile again. To avoid that horrible situation from occurring again, the group felt it was best to place the clock on its own pole. Additional fundraising is needed for this purchase. It is hoped that the clock will be back in Phillips before 2020 is over. When it is time to erect the clock, there will be another article in My Price County showing many photos of the clock restoration process and naming those involved with the project as appreciation of their services and monetary donations.

If you would like to donate to the clock, you can do so by clicking the "Donate Now" button at You may also make a donation at Forward Bank to the "Power of 3 Community Development Group." The clock restoration was costly, and poles are quite costly, so most likely every dollar received will be used toward this project, but if there are any remaining funds, those funds will be used to enhance the community in some way.


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