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Jan 11, 2021 at 05:39 PM

Raising two boys, Jamie and Forest, and one girl, Candi, Greg and Lynnice Lukes had a home with over 45 years of memories. They can still remember their newborn babies being born in that house, many birthday parties, family gatherings, world events watched together on television in the living room, the smell of home-cooked meals pouring out of the kitchen, the warmth of being surrounded by family heirlooms, and the enjoyment of events shared that all families treasure. In recent years, grandkids have made their mark on the home, adding more happiness to the walls of the home.

Unfortunately, all but the memories were taken away on Thursday, January 7, 2021 when the walls of their home were ravaged by a fire. Greg, a semi-retired logger, and Lynnice, retired from working at a hardware store in Medford, were in the back field cutting firewood and discovered smoke as they approached their home. Lynnice told Greg, "That's too much smoke coming out of the house." Not having car keys or a phone in hand, Greg ran to Highway 13 to flag down a vehicle so the driver could call 911. Thankfully, no human was hurt or injured in the blaze; sadly, a kitten and two dogs perished in the fire along with all the couples' belongings. It may have been a chimney fire but the exact cause is not yet known.

To help get the family back on their feet, Kristy Carlson created a Facebook page to dispense information about the couple's needs. Kristy stated, "At this point, they have their immediate needs met, but they will be needing some household items as we find them a trailer and get them all set back up." Monetary donations to get a new trailer would be appreciated as the couple would like to make their home on the same property. However, the organizers understand that some people don't have money to donate but do have things that can be donated; any help is appreciated. Along with household goods, Kristy also suggested that since two of their dogs did survive, donations of dog food may be appreciated. She said the drop-off site for physical items is Shelley Pederson's front porch. Kristy has placed donation collection cans at some local businesses, mostly in the Prentice and Ogema areas, and she said she will also collect cash and gift cards on behalf of the family. "They are amazing people who would do anything to help anyone," Kristy remarked. For more information or to keep updated on what is needed, visit the Facebook page at

Their GoFundMe page is accepting donations at

Photos Submitted By Shanna Lukes and Jade Lukes


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