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Nov 24, 2021 at 07:32 PM

Michael Bablick, mayor of Park Falls, has announced that the auction of the paper mill's equipment has been substantially completed. People from all around the country and world have purchased the equipment, and the removal of the equipment is projected to take two years to complete.

The owner of the mill will occupy the Old Mill office building for the next two years while the removal of equipment is taking place to ensure the historic building is protected. Mayor Bablick stated he is personally working with the owner to secure all historical items and records from the paper mill site. The items and documents paint a story of the industrial development in northern Wisconsin, the Flambeau River, and the City of Park Falls, so they are of great historical significance to the area.

There are dozens of individual buildings across the mill property. Likely some of these buildings will be reused. According to Mayor Bablick, "This will be a fluid process, and the city has been working cooperatively with the owner to ensure blight prevention, reuse, economic recovery, and protection of the environment."

Mayor Bablick continued, "The liquidation of the mill represents the end of an era and the beginning of a new one." He stated there will be several issues that will arise for the city with the water utility being the immediate issue. Since the city was preparing for this possibility last year, a consultant, Baker Tilly, was hired to analyze the financial condition of the water utility. The report is nearly complete. A special meeting will be called to present information to the public once there is a clear picture of the adjustments in the water utility. This meeting is expected to occur in late winter or early spring.

Mayor Bablick advised that all mill properties will be strictly surveilled and trespassers will be cited. The owners will be in cooperation with the police department in order to keep the property secure.


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