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My Price County Administrator 
Aug 04, 2017 at 07:27 PM
Ribbon Cutting in Phillips for Wisconsin's Largest Solar Field

If you have driven to Lugerville during 2017, you have likely noticed the developing 22-acre solar field on Short Cut Road. It has been in development since 2015 when landowners, Ken & Sally Denzine, first received a call about the project.

The Denzine family has owned the farmland since 1945 when Ken’s dad, Galen, bought the acreage. Since that time it has produced crops like corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. As of June 2017, the 2.5 megawatt Flambeau Solar Project has been producing electricity, making it the largest solar field in Wisconsin.

On Thursday, August 3rd, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony with participants including those involved in the project. GroSolar, based out of Vermont, designed and constructed the solar array, which covers 138 rows. They will manage the project for the next two years. At that time CMS Enterprises, the owner of the array and a subsidiary of CMS Energy Corporation from Michigan, will take over. The substation, which distributes the energy, is owned by Dairyland Power Cooperative of La Crosse. Price Electric Cooperative of Phillips will provide that energy to citizens in the Crane Chase region of Phillips.

According to the business development manager of Dairyland Power, Craig Harmes, the almost 10,000 solar panels provide power for homes, farms, and businesses in the area. There is enough energy produced at Flambeau Solar Project to power approximately 600 homes.

Tim Melm, CMS Energy’s development director, added that the panels know the position of the sun at all times given there are solar-powered motors that can move the panels, allowing them to collect as much energy as possible.

To view the new solar farm on the northern side of Phillips, drive to the corner of Hwy. F and Short Cut Road.

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