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Apr 01, 2021 at 01:47 AM


2/12/21 - Phillips - A man called to report a snowmobile accident at the intersection of West Solberg Lake Road and Point Lane on the snowmobile trail. A female snowmobiler hit a tree and possibly had a broken leg.

2/13/21 - Park Falls - A man reported a woman was refusing to exchange their child for his time with the child due to a rumor he heard the woman heard about him. The man was at the exchange place but the woman and child were not.

2/14/21 - Ogema - A woman reported a chimney fire that she believed was growing larger.

2/16/21 - Phillips - A man reported checking the game cameras on his property and discovering two men on a snowmobile that were on his property on January 16, 2021. The younger man was driving the snowmobile. The older man was the passenger and appeared to have a rifle. There was a contraption affixed to the back of the snowmobile. He stated that the trespassers also stole some SD cards from his other game cameras as the cards were missing.

2/17/21 - Ogema - A man reported that a trailer that was stolen from his property last June was just seen in Taylor County by a man he identified.

2/18/21 - Ogema - A woman called to report a man was digging around her house and knocking things off her dresser two nights prior. The woman called back to state the tracks were likely covered due to fresh snow. An officer responded but the woman would not answer her door or phone. The woman then called dispatch again and said there was a flashlight outside her house and dispatch notified her that the deputy was there with the flashlight at that moment.

2/19/21 - Phillips - A man called requesting an ambulance due to a snowmobile injury. The injured party was not able to be moved to the road but snowmobilers were staying with the injured party on the trail.

2/19/21 - Phillips - A woman called to report her husband had driven off the road and she did not know if he was injured or not. She called back shortly thereafter stating he was fine and did not need any emergency services.

2/20/21 - Ogema - A woman called about a neighbor digging around her house, scratching her windows, shooting her dog, and mixing up all her clothes. Price County Health & Human Services was contacted.

2/22/21 - Prentice - A woman called to report a person acting strangely near her residence and business. It was believed that a light was turned on in the business and the person was running laps in an intersection.

2/24/21 - Prentice - A single vehicle rollover occurred. The female involved contacted her parents and stated she was not injured. The man who reported the accident stated he would stay with the person who had been involved in the accident until dispatch arrived.

2/25/21 - Fifield - A man came into a store for a second time and ripped down a sex offender posting that was about him. When he was told not to take it down, he ripped it in half.

2/26/21 - Butternut - A man reported a possible house fire as there appeared to be smoke in the upper level and metal falling off the room. The Park Falls Fire Department advised part of the roof had blown off and was covering the chimney.

3/1/21 - Phillips - A woman reported an offensive sign on County Road D in the Township of Emery.

3/7/21 - Fifield - A woman reported a man shooting at squirrels through his apartment window. The woman assumed it was a pellet gun since he is a felon, and she was concerned because there are children in the area.

3/12/21 - Phillips - A woman called to report that she and another woman had been stargazing and got their car stuck on the ice.

3/13/21 - Phillips - A man reported a land dispute with his neighbor. A survey was completed along with plotting out a building. While outside, the man heard the neighbor making loud comments about shooting someone.

3/14/21 - Ogema - A number of residents reported vandalized mailboxes.

3/15/21 - Brantwood - A man called to report a man trying to force his way into his residence, asking for a ride to Prentice, stating he was in an accident. The man then left the residence.

3/20/21 - Park Falls - A woman called to report her neighbors firing guns at a target that faces her property and she was concerned she could be struck by a bullet.

3/21/21 - Park Falls - Witnesses reported an argument between two adults and two juveniles. Witnesses said one of the adults put the two juveniles in the trunk of her car. One of the juveniles was reported to be the woman's daughter.

3/23/21 - Phillips - A deputy attempted to make a traffic stop but the vehicle fled northward through Fifield and Park Falls at speeds up to 90 MPH. The vehicle, likely with two occupants, traveled into Ashland County, speeds sometimes reaching 100 MPH. The Ashland County Sheriff's Office set up spike and took over the pursuit.

3/24/21 - Prentice - A woman called to report a shed was on fire. The shed contained tractors, farm equipment, a truck, and gas cans. The woman stated there were loud bomb sounds coming from the shed and debris was flying near her house. The woman was advised to exit the house and stand by the fire number sign until emergency services arrived.

3/26/21 - Ogema - An attempt was made to stop a vehicle which had stopped on State Highway 86. But the two occupants fled on foot, both wearing black. Drugs and weapons were found in the car.


2/3/21 - A man reported his ex-girlfriend had taken his cat. Police told the man this was a civil issue.

2/23/21 - A woman reported receiving harassing phone calls and letters from a man incarcerated in a prison outside of the City of Phillips. An officer collected the letter, informed the correctional institution of the situation, and advised them not to let any more letters be sent to the woman. A stalking warning letter will be sent to the man.

3/2/21 - A citizen stated they were a petitioner of a domestic abuse restraining order and the defendant was contacting them via phone. An officer collected a written statement and documented the voicemail messages that were left by the defendant on the petitioner's phone. The officer referred a criminal charge of violation of domestic abuse injunction to the Price County District Attorney's Office.

3/4/21 - A woman reported her boyfriend made suicidal comments, ran into their residence with their child, and locked the door. Officers entered the residence as community caretakers and detained the male subject. The male subject was brought to the police department where he spoke with a worker from the crisis line.

3/7/21 - An apartment manager advised of vehicles that were parked in a private parking lot. Officers made contact with the owners of the vehicles and advised them they could not park their vehicles there.

3/9/21 - The Phillips Police Department and Central Price Ambulance Service were dispatched to a local factory for an employee who had their arm injured in a machine. Officers and EMTs responded in emergency mode. Officers applied a tourniquet to the patient, assisted with wrapping the injury, and loaded the patient onto the ambulance for transport to a medical facility.

3/13/21 - The Phillips Police Department was asked by the Park Falls Police Department to locate a suspect and conduct an interview. It was reported an adult male had placed a phone call to the 911 dispatch center and provided false information. An officer attempted to make contact with the adult male but was unsuccessful. The investigation is pending.

3/14/21 - The Phillips Police Department made an attempt to interview an adult male at a probation residence. While the officer was knocking on the door, they heard a subject exit out of the residence through a window. The officer later observed a male subject running from the area. The officer and Price County Sheriff's deputies searched for the male subject but were unable to locate him. An officer later received a call of a suspicious male subject who tried to enter into an apartment and then did enter into an apartment. The officer apprehended the adult male subject inside the apartment. The male subject was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal trespass to a dwelling. The male subject is also on probation and was held at the Price County Jail.

3/16/21 - Phillips Police received a phone call from the Phillips School District bus garage regarding a school bus that was hit while at a stop sign. The bus driver did not realize that the bus was stuck until a citizen later informed them at another bus stop. The school bus was reported to have minimal damage.

3/26/21 - Police made contact with a man who had a warrant out of Price County. The man could not post bond and was brought to the jail and booked.

3/28/21 - Police were requested to assist the Price County Sheriff's Department on a traffic stop. K9 Dixon arrived on scene and alerted to the vehicle. As a result, two males were arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.


2/4/21 - A local pastor reported that two people reported to him that someone was using his name and asking for gift cards and money. The pastor stated he would post on Facebook that this was a scam so his parishioners would know it was not him.

2/6/21 - A man reported a verbal altercation with the mother of his child at the end of the exchange of the child at a local gas station. Police also interviewed the woman about the incident and she stated the man got upset first given she reminded the man about their child's event and he told her she does not need to constantly remind him of things.

2/10/21 - A man reported being on the phone with a scammer for an hour, and he gave the scammer the last four digits of all his credit cards. The man was advised to inform all his credit card companies of this incident.

2/11/21 - A woman reported suspicious tracks near her fence line. Officers determined the tracks were made by a rabbit.

2/15/21 - A man started his truck at 5 a.m. At 8:30 a.m., it was reported that the truck was smoking and sparking. When an officer arrived, it was engulfed in flames. The Park Falls Fire Department extinguished the fire.

3/5/21 - A vehicle accident occurred near a laundromat when two people were on their way to pick up their laundry. When the woman went inside to get her laundry, she noted one dryer load was missing and they reported the clothing as stolen.

3/14/21 - A woman reported an argument at a local bar. When an officer arrived, he heard a woman yell, "Here comes the cops. Let everyone know the cops are here." Upon interviewing the bartender and a patron, no one was aware of an argument.

3/15/21 - A truck was reported to be on its driver's side partially submerged in water on Tower Road. Two men and two dogs were in the vehicle. Both men were not submerged in water and could breathe. Emergency services arrived and got the men out of the vehicle. While the two men were at the hospital, the dogs were housed at a local shelter. The Corgi/Schnauzer mix cooperated with exiting the squad car; the Chihuahua did not. Three personnel were eventually able to get the Chihuahua to the shelter to reside in a kennel with the Corgi/Schnauzer until the owners could pick them up.

3/18/21 - A woman reported her laundry was removed from a dryer at a laundromat during the half hour she was away. Other witnesses said they saw a man remove clothing from three dryers, and one person thought he must have taken the load by mistake.


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