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Aug 12, 2021 at 02:37 AM

The following are some of the summarized police reports for July 2021.


7-3-21: Multiple 911 calls were received for a one vehicle accident in Fifield. The reporting party stated the sole occupant had been ejected from the vehicle and CPR was being administered. Emergency services arrived. The accident victim was pronounced deceased at the scene.

7-4-21: A female was found in the middle of the road trying to get up. It was determined the woman may be intoxicated. Prentice Ambulance Service responded.

7-15-21: A motel owner reported two people staying at her motel that refused to pay. She wanted them to leave and was also concerned for the safety of her property and herself.

7-16-21: A woman called regarding a structure fire in Ogema. There was heavy smoke coming from the peak of the house.

7-19-21: The Vilas County Sheriff's Office transferred an automated message from an Apple iWatch stating the person wearing the watch had taken a hard fall and was not responding. The coordinates showed the person's location as Fifield.

7-22-21: A woman called 911 to report that her friend, who was in Chicago, seemed to be getting attacked by someone while they were talking on the phone. The caller was worried that her friend was in danger. Dispatch was able to call the Chicago woman's cell phone and a woman answered stating she was in an ambulance. Paramedics confirmed this and said the Chicago Police Department was also on the scene.

7-23-21: The Price County Highway Department contacted dispatch to respond to a boat that was stuck in the guard rail next to the road. Police attempted to contact the owner of the boat at his residence but contact was not made so the police attempted to contact the boat owner's friends. The shoreline and the boat were searched. A shirt was retrieved from nearby the boat.

7-25-21: A 911 call was received that a vehicle hit a tavern located along Hwy. W. It was reported that the driver was bleeding from his head. However, the driver fled on foot. Contact was made with the adult male driver's father. The driver's cell phone was either shut off or turned off as police could not get a location update. The local hospital was contacted to see if anyone came in with head injuries, but the hospital advised they could not give dispatch that information.

7-27-21: A man stated an elderly female was in traffic on State Hwy. 70. The woman was in a neck brace, and someone was trying to drive her to a doctor's appointment in Minocqua. The woman insisted she would walk to her appointment instead. Her refusal to get back in the vehicle was holding up traffic.

7-27-21: A motel employee advised she saw a 50-something woman, who was staying at the motel, enter the woods near the motel around 3 p.m. but never come back out of the woods. Contact was attempted with the woman's home address, which was a women's shelter in Gary, Indiana. The missing woman was located around 7:18 p.m. by K9 Dixon, and the Park Falls Ambulance Service was paged.

7-28-21: A juvenile in the Village of Prentice pulled out a street sign for the second time. The village crew really pounded it in after its first removal, but the youth was still able to get the sign out. The juvenile then sent a message to the Village or Prentice stating, "I did it again." The Village would like an officer to talk with the juvenile.

7-29-21: An electrician reported hitting a gas line on Minnow Lake Road.

7-29-21: An individual reported seeing two children and an infant in a car at a gas station in Park Falls with the windows rolled up and the doors locked. The reporting party was concerned for the welfare of the children. An officer, wanting to do a welfare check, stopped the vehicle in Fifield. The driver had an active warrant from Ashland County. However, Ashland's jail was unable to take inmates at that time due to COVID-19, so the driver was released.


7-1-2021: Police were notified of a possible harassment at a local fishing dock.

7-2-2021: A woman said a man was harassing her, and she requested the man be spoken to. An officer spoke to the man and warned him to stay off the woman's property or he would receive a citation or be arrested.

7-7-2021: People reported an obscene flag in the City of Phillips that was disturbing people.

7-8-2021: The Phillips Police Department was notified of a possible tax fraud incident that may have occurred in the City of Phillips. An investigation is ongoing.

7-9-2021: The Phillips Police Department was on regular patrol and saw a concrete water tunnel in a city park partially caved in and beginning to erode quickly. The officer placed traffic safety cones over the damaged area and notified Phillips Department of Public Works.

7-11-2021: A report was received regarding an individual who was taking shopping carts from a
local grocery store and not returning them. An officer spoke with the man and advised him that he needed to return the shopping carts. The man stated that he would.

7-20-2021: The Phillips Police Department received drug information at an apartment complex. Officers arrived and had consensual contact with a tenant. An officer could smell the odor of illicit drugs emanating from an adult female. An officer applied for a search warrant of the apartment and searched the apartment locating illicit drugs inside the apartment. One adult male and one adult female were referred to the Price County District Attorney's Office for charges of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of illicit drugs. Price County Human Services was also advised as there was a juvenile in the apartment.

7-21-2021: A report of a possible drunk driver entering the City of Phillips was received. An officer spotted the vehicle driving in the opposite lane of traffic and initiated a traffic stop. The officer quickly determined the elderly driver was not intoxicated and was experiencing a diabetic medical emergency. EMS was dispatched to the scene. The driver corrected their blood sugar and was given a ride home.

7-23-2021: The Phillips Police Department and Price County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a motorized boat crash. It was reported the boat had crashed over a dirt embankment into a guard rail along a county highway before resting in the right of way of the road. The occupants of the boat were not on scene and officers began an area sweep to determine if anyone was injured or missing from the crash. Phillips officers searched the city and surrounding area until released from the scene by the Price County Sheriff's Office.

7-26-2021: The Phillips Police Department was asked to assist the Price County Sheriff's Office with a tree that was blocking both lanes of Old Highway 13. Officers cleared the tree away from the roadway.

7-28-2021: It was reported that a heavy duty cardboard box was flying through the air at a high rate of speed along State Highway 13, almost striking several vehicles during stormy weather. An officer was able to catch the box and dispose of it properly.

7-28-2021: It was reported by a lakeside resident on Cemetery Road that a possible
tornado was forming in the clouds. An officer arrived on scene and relayed the information to dispatch. Dispatch notified Phillips Fire and EMS of two funnel clouds that were possibly forming in the area.

7-30-2021: Police received a report of an adult male who was being harassed by another adult male. The reporting party advised that the male subject was confrontational and would not leave the reporting party alone while at an event in Elk Lake Park. An officer provided statement forms to the reporting party. An investigation is pending.

7-31-2021: A report was received regarding a hit and run of an unattended vehicle. An officer met with the owners of the vehicle and determined the vehicle was struck while at a local hotel. The officer was unable to identify the striking vehicle.


7-5-2021: Officers responded to an accident where a motorcycle hit a deer. The motorcyclist was alert and had minor injuries.

7-10-2021: A person reported their neighbor's pest control sensors were causing loud noises at all hours of the night and day. An officer was able to hear loud noise in the form of an oscillating siren. The owner of the sensors was notified of the loud and unnecessary noise ordinance.

7-10-2021: A business was egged.

7-12-2021: A man, stating he was homeless, came to the Park Falls City Council meeting needing a place to say. He was given a room voucher for a local motel for the night.

7-16-2021: A man reported there may be blood on the sidewalk. An officer determined it was probably ketchup.

7-17-2021: There was a dispute between neighbors. All parties were advised to ignore each other while outside.

7-22-2021: A suspicious white car with a black stripe and spoiler was seen driving slowly past a residence multiple times. Extra patrol was requested.

7-25-2021: An officer was sent to assist with a fight that was reported at the Pioneer Days Celebration in Butternut. The officer was then asked to discontinue going to Butternut but look for a motorcycle that had left the scene. The motorcycle was located and the person was transported to the hospital.

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Aug 12, 2021 at 02:46 AM

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