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My Price County

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8-3-2020: Phillips - A man called to report he had an argument with his wife and she then disconnected his oxygen unit.

8-11-2020 & 8-13-2020: Prentice - A woman reported a man is stalking her on his bike, following her to multiple locations.

8-14-2020: Prentice - A male was walking in several yards and looking in windows of houses, according to a man who made the report. The man was wearing a Halloween mask backwards.

8-16-2020: Phillips - A woman stated she had been dropped off at a local bar by a man who she only knew by his "street name." He told her to exit his vehicle due to a disagreement and she did so and started walking.

8-16-2020: Phillips - A woman reported a water skiing accident at Solberg Lake resulting in a head injury. The patient was breathing but unconscious initially and then started coming to.

8-18-2020: Prentice - A woman called to report that her neighbors took shingles off her garage, placed rocks underneath her garage, and sprayed weed killer on her lawn.

8-22-2020: Phillips - A woman called to report an argument at the end of her driveway between a woman and a man. The woman was screaming for someone to call 911, and the man was pushing the woman. A white vehicle left the scene with both parties. The woman later called 911 and advised her husband was going to kill her and to hurry before the phone was disconnected. Dispatch talked with the man twice afterwards, and he said there were no problems and no weapons. The man refused to let dispatch speak to the woman. A deputy responded to the residence.

8-23-2020: Kennan - A caller reported a vehicle was driving slowly through the area and turned around six times in various places. The vehicle had cut off and pulled out in front of children, and the children were so scared that they ran through the woods to get home. The vehicle was described and law enforcement put a note on the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle called to say she was doing Census work at the location.

8-29-2020: Park Falls - A woman called to report two men and one woman were standing outside her apartment door and she believed they were using a cell phone camera to record through her door's peephole.

8-31-2020: Phillips - Two men came to the Sheriff's Office asking for assistance with fuel because they did not have their wallets with them and they had put "Phillips" into their GPS when they really needed to go to "Phelps."

9-2-2020: Phillips - A local store called stating they found burned items in the store six times over the last two weeks, including finding burned toilet paper on the floor of the restroom and a box of matches was found hidden near the restroom.

9-11-2020: Fifield - A caller reported seeing a truck near her property and having items moved around on her property.

9-12-2020: Park Falls - A man heard a gunshot at a nearby park and went to the parking lot to see what was going on. Two men had rifle-type guns and said they had the right to shoot their guns because it was public property. A duck had been shot, so dispatch contacted the DNR.

9-15-2020: Prentice - A woman reported a man and woman arguing at the end of her driveway but then they fled the scene with the man leaving first and the woman following him with a flashlight.

9-22-2020: Phillips - A man reported he was waterskiing and a boater yelled at him. The man yelled that the waterskiier person has no respect for fishermen and that he was going home to get his gun. The man also yelled, "You better not be here when I get back!" The waterskiier spoke with another boater who said the boater that yelled at him showed him a gun.

9-27-2020: Park Falls - A woman reported her son was screaming in his bedroom, and when the woman entered the room, she saw a hand exiting her son's window. The woman stated this was an ongoing issue and the Park Falls Police Department had recently removed a trail camera that was monitoring her home.

9-2020: Various reports of political signs, from both parties, were reported stolen.


8-6-2020: Officers were dispatched to a local park where a group of juveniles were being disorderly and swearing at a group of people.

8-11-2020: An officer was dispatched to a local business to talk with a group of juveniles who had thrown a shoe into traffic on Hwy. 13. The juveniles received a stern warning.

8-12-2020: A female called to report juvenile girls had a lemonade stand and kept running into the roadway. An officer spoke with the girls regarding safety concerns.

8-22-2020: Police responded to a residence where a woman was being pushed into a vehicle by an unknown male while screaming for help. The parties were located at their shared residence. One adult male was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and battery. The victim was put in contact with Embrace services.

8-23-2020: A fire was in progress in the bleachers at the athletic field. Emergency services responded and an investigation was conducted.

8-26-2020: Damage was reported at a local church.

8-27-2020: A two vehicle accident was reported at Victoria Street and Ash Street. There were no injuries or road blockage.

8-27-2020: Three vehicles received damage to their windshields when a city dump truck was losing gravel while traveling southbound on Hwy. 13.

9-1-2020: Police were notified of a recent domestic violence altercation where an adult male was stabbed with a knife. An officer interviewed the alleged victim but there were no injuries discovered to determine a stabbing had occurred.

9-1-2020: A complaint was received that a picnic table was placed in the water at Elk Lake Park. The table was removed from the water, and an investigation is pending.

9-4-2020: A man reported he heard a female neighbor screaming inside her house. Officers arrived and the woman said she was screaming because her back hurt and her cats were not cooperating. No one else was in the residence.

9-8-2020: The School Resource Officer responded to the Phillips Middle School due to a computer crime. The investigation is ongoing.

9-11-2020: Skunks were reported in the 400 block of Avon Avenue.

9-14-2020: A sexual assault complaint was received from an incident that occurred on 9-12-2020 in which one male was arrested for 2nd Degree Sexual Assault, strangulation/suffocation, and false imprisonment.

9-15-2020: A city resident reported having a voice message where someone swore. An officer talked with all parties and advised them not to contact each other.

9-16-2020: An employee of a local business reported that, when they got to their vehicle, someone had put shaving cream on it. The officer took photographs of the vehicle.

9-23-2020: An adult man was stopped while riding his lawn mower in the business district. An officer explained the hazards or riding in the lane of traffic and impeding traffic. The officer explained a safer, alternate route to travel.

9-25-2020: Police made a welfare check on an adult female due to a concerned family member. The female stated she was fine but a family member transported the woman to a detox facility.


8-8-2020: A woman reported that she had received seeds from China in a padded envelope when she did not order seeds.

8-8-2020: A light was on in the storage room at the high school baseball field. While checking the building, an officer found the door was heavily damaged. This same door had been damaged in April but was going to be repaired at that time. In comparing the photos, the officer noted this damage looked more excessive than the last damage.

8-8-2020: A fire in a basement, believed to be caused by a sump pump, caused the pets to be removed from the house and placed in a vehicle for safety and the fire department to be called to extinguish the fire.

8-9-2020: A man reported his father's box blind was stolen, the lock on the gate was cut, and a truck was stuck in their food plot.

8-11-2020: A generator blew up at a lift station. Smoke was coming from the machine. Some residents in Park Falls lost power for a short amount of time.

8-14-2020: A woman reported a dead bird on her deck and thought her neighbor had placed it there given he was up late the night prior in his garage. The officer explained he would not be speaking to the neighbor given the information she provided, but the officer did remove the bird for her.

8-22-2020: Police investigated a possible break-in at a bar as a window was open and a screen was lying on the ground. However, it did not appear any alcohol or money was stolen inside the bar.

9-2-2020: The fire department had apparently conducted training in several buildings that will be demolished soon. However, the reporting party stated fires should not be set in the buildings until certain requirements are met, such as asbestos being removed and lead abatement. Since fires were set, it was estimated this would now cost the City of Park Falls more money to have the buildings demolished. The DNR may levy fines against the city, as well. The fire chief stated he thought they could not burn down the buildings completely but did not realize they could not start small fires in the building for training purposes. It was stated that one of the little fires spread more rapidly than anticipated and the fire department had to put out an unplanned fire. It was also learned that the asbestos contractor had incorrectly filed the paperwork initially, which led to a DNR representative traveling to Park Falls and discovering the asbestos issues with the controlled burn training that should not have taken place.

9-6-2020: An ATV crash, with injuries to the female driver and passenger, was reported.

9-17-2020: Deputies responded to a possible barn fire with concerns of the smell of smoke near some hay bales.

9-26-2020: A man contacted the police stating he had just stopped a contractor from tearing down his garage as he had not asked for the garage to be torn down. The contractor, however, said that someone stating he was the property owner requested the garage be torn down.

Oct 15, 2020
My Price County

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Oct 15, 2020

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