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My Price County


The following are some of the summarized police reports for December 2020.


12/1/2020 - Prentice - A two vehicle accident was reported at the intersection of Hwys. 13 and 86. A caller reported there were injuries and road blockage but no one was trapped.

12/1/2020 - Phillips - A local restaurant and bar reported a fight in progress involving 3 or 4 people.

12/2/2020 - Phillips - A woman reported she gave her car to a man who was going to fix it. She stated he is now refusing to give back her car and it is gone from the man's residence.

12/8/2020 - An anonymous caller reported an ongoing flea infestation at a residence. It was reported the residence contains six dogs, eight puppies, and several cats. It was also reported that the children continue to have fleas.

12/10/2020 - Ogema - A caller reported a lack of food and water for animals at a farm.

12/16/2020 - A caller reported a suspicious vehicle in her neighbor's driveway. She reported the vehicle was a red beat-up truck and not actively being lived in as it is a seasonal property.

12/20/2020 - Phillips - A man reported an individual threatened to shoot him in the face. When dispatch asked for more information, the caller became very uncooperative and did not want to give additional information.

12/23/2020 - Park Falls - A man reported his house was filling with smoke but he did not know where the smoke was coming from. He was directed to exit the residence. The man stated he started a fire the previous night, as well, and had the same issue. No fire was detected.

12/29/2020 - Phillips - A woman called to report that her husband said someone was tailgating him so he decided to turn off of Cty. Road W onto Fox Run Road, but his brakes did not work well enough. He hit a stop sign at that location. The tailgating vehicle continued on its way. The Town of Elk supervisor was notified and stated he would take care of the sign damage.

12/29/2020 - Phillips - A two-vehicle accident occurred on County Road F north of North Road. The wrecker driver advised no one was injured but the road was blocked. He also advised that when he was pulling a vehicle out of the ditch, another vehicle came speeding by and hit his wrecker. The truck that was being pulled out of the ditch was not struck.


12/1/2020 - A residence on Flambeau Avenue was experiencing a kitchen fire. Officers arrived on scene and were notified by the homeowner that the fire was just extinguished. Fire crews arrived on scene and investigated the matter.

12/2/2020 - A large uncontained campfire was observed. The fire was not contained with a safety ring, and there were large flames and the fire was large in size. An officer explained the outdoor burning regulations to the homeowner who agreed to put out the fire. The fire was extinguished.

12/2/2020 - An adult male reported receiving several spam e-mails. An officer spoke with the city resident and advised him to block the spam e-mails.

12/7/2020 - The Phillips Police Department received a complaint of a male adult who made threatening comments about harming people. The male adult was brought to the Phillips Police Department to speak to a counselor. The male was transported to a mental health facility.

12/13/2020 - An ice shack on Lake Duroy was reported to be on fire near the city boat launch. Officers responded to the scene and determined the cause of the fire was accidental. No one was injured.

12/14/2020 - A vehicle was reported as stolen. An officer responded, gathered information, and learned who the suspect was that had taken the vehicle. The vehicle was entered as stolen and later reported as being found abandoned on a highway in Winnebago County. A felony charge of take and drive vehicle without owner's consent was forwarded to the Price County District Attorney's

12/20/2020 - The Phillips Department assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with a search warrant in the Town of Worchester. The residence was searched and two male subjects were detained and released. THC and drug paraphernalia were discovered within the residence.

12/20/2020 - The Phillips Police Department assisted Price County deputies on a traffic stop in the city. Officers searched the vehicle and discovered small particles of illegal narcotics. The deputy gave the driver a ride back to their residence.

12/24/2020 - A two-vehicle crash occurred on County Road D, and the Phillips Police assisted.


12/8/2020 - A woman reported a man breaking his restraining order by knocking on her apartment door asking her to work things out with him. When questioned, the man admitted to going to her door and was arrested.

12/11/2020 - A man arrived at a nursing home to report his girlfriend could not come to work that day due to illness. Since he did not know English well, he and the nursing home staff had a hard time understanding one another. A knife dropped out of the man's pocket, and the people he was talking with thought there was blood on the knife. The man was told he had to leave, and he headed home. Police were contacted and went to the man's residence. After much questioning, with use of an interpreter, it was found the man uses the knife to cut a betel nut, which is similar to tobacco, and the nut produces a red substance, which was on the knife rather than blood. Police asked him if he understood that people seeing a knife in our country might feel scared, and the man did not understand that. After all questions were answered, police departed the scene.

12/12/2020 - A woman reported a Christmas tree was stolen from her daughter's vehicle, which was parked at a local retail store.

12/14/2020 - A woman stated that while she was trying to park in a spot near an insurance company, her foot accidentally slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator, and she struck the building with her vehicle. She stated she was not injured. The front bumper of the vehicle was damaged. The building had extensive damage including a broken window and damage to the framing.

12/19/2020 - A man reported that people were publicly urinating outside his residence and in the alley and these people were customers at a local bar. The police officer could not see any signs of urination, so the man showed him a possible spot. The bar owner said he does not condone any such behavior and would put up a sign.

12/19/2020 - A snow plow owned by the City of Park Falls struck a car at the intersection of 7th Avenue and 7th Street South. The woman driving the car stated the plow truck did not stop at the intersection and struck her vehicle as she was passing through the intersection. The plow truck driver said he did stop but as he was passing through the intersection suddenly saw the woman's car and was unable to stop, thus hitting the side of her car. The woman had to be extracted from the vehicle and transported to the hospital.

12/21/2020 - A male driver stated he did not see the tail lights of a vehicle in front of him as he was going up a hill, and he struck the vehicle. He then struck a stop sign.

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