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My Price County

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The following are some of the summarized police reports for January 2021.


1/5/2021 - Phillips - A man reported he received a call and the caller stated it was the Edgar Sheriff's Office and that the man needed to get gift cards totaling $2,500 at a local store and pay those to the caller or the man would be issued a warrant. The man told the caller he was going to call the local sheriff's office and hung up the phone.

1/5/2021 - Ogema - A woman stated an individual was at her patio door making noises. The man made a remark to her and showed her something rough through the window.

1/6/2021 - Phillips - A man called asking if he had an active warrant because he received a call asking him to sign a $2,500 signature bond or forfeit $2,500 for a signature and submit DNA. The man thought the call came from Edgar, WI.

1/11/2021 - Phillips - A woman received a text claiming to be from a company and the text stated they would pay her $1,000 per week if she put a decal on her car advertising their brand and drove around with it. The woman agreed to this and was sent a $5,000 check to pay for the decal application. She was then instructed to deposit the check and send $4,000 to a decal supplier and to provide the decal supplier with a $100 eBay card. The next day the woman was informed by her bank that the check provided to her was no good. The woman lost $4,100 as a result of this scam.

1/12/2021 and 1/13/2021 - Park Falls and Butternut - Two callers each received a phone call about purchasing a $500 gift card to be sent to the caller and then they would receive a million dollar check from a national sweepstakes.

1/14/2021 - Catawba - A man reported that a juvenile male honked and gave the middle finger to his juvenile son on more than one occasion and he felt it was a case of stalking. The man was informed that giving the middle finger is not illegal.

1/16/2021 - Phillips - A woman reported she sold an item on eBay to someone in Texas, but the buyer stated it did not work. The woman offered the buyer a replacement, which she refused, and asked to return it for a refund. Days later a small envelope was received by the woman's neighbor that contained the appropriate tracking number for the return. The buyer sent make-up to the neighbor's address instead of returning the $849 item to the woman. This information was put on file for documentation purposes for eBay.

1/20/2021 - Phillips - A woman was contacted by someone stating they were from the state and collecting information so that when the woman goes in to get her COVID-19 vaccine, the process will go smoothly. The woman provided information to the caller, such as her Medicare number, Social Security number, name, address, and birthday. This was a scam.

1/20/2021 - Prentice - A woman called to report an Amazon scam where a caller stated the woman had purchased $150 worth of merchandise from Nigeria. The woman stated the Amazon account was one she no longer uses but she was not sure if she lost any money from her account.

1/25/2021 - A man called to report that his neighbor was playing music extremely loud and did not answer the door when he knocked. It was determined that the caller had a bench warrant in the county. A deputy responded and transported.

1/28/2021 - A woman called to report her information was stolen during a scam phone call the day prior. The caller claimed to be from Microsoft and would give the woman a sum of money for insurance but needed to take over her computer to fix it. The person did take over her computer. The woman was told the money had been transferred into her account and she should go to her bank to get it, but her bank is out of state. The woman did not feel she had lost anything in this scam and the report was put on file only.

1/31/2021 - A woman reported that a man sped down their driveway and drove up to their shop. He got out of his vehicle with a bat in hand and struck his vehicle saying her husband needed to come out of his shop. The person with the bat said he was going to kill the woman's husband. He then got back in his car, with his passenger still inside but crouched down, and left. The woman identified the man and passenger but did not know why he would act this way.


1/5/2021 - Received a report of a suspicious male who was at a local gas station looking for a ride to Minocqua, WI. Officer was notified about the male subject after he had already obtained a ride. Officer discovered that the male subject was involved in an altercation with a female subject. Officer spoke with the adult female who stated she did not give permission for the male subject to take items, damage property, or strike the adult female. Officer relayed the information to Vilas County Sheriff's Department who arrested the male subject at his residence in Vilas County. Male subject was transported back to the Price County Sheriff's Department for booking.

1/7/2021 - Received a theft complaint at a living facility. Interviews were conducted and investigation pending.

1/7/2021 - Received a phone call from a local business owner. The owner told police that he was told an adult male is supposed to come to his business to confront an employee. The business owner stated that he did not want the adult male to be on his property. The officer left a voicemail for the adult male and warned him if he goes on the property he could be charged with trespassing.

1/8/2021 - Responded to a child custody complaint where an adult female would not turn over her daughter to the father who had placement for the weekend. Officer viewed the court paperwork and found the mother to be in violation of the court order. The adult female was referred to the Price County District Attorney's Office for violation of a court order.

1/11/2021 - Assisted the Central Price County Ambulance Service with a elderly female who fell and possibly broke her right leg. Officer assisted with placing the elderly female into the ambulance. The elderly female was transferred to Marshfield Medical Center for medical evaluation.

1/11/2021 - Received a report from a mother who has not seen her juvenile children since 2013. The adult female wanted a welfare check done on her three children. Officer asked the adult female what was the purpose or reason for the welfare check. Female subject advised she just wanted to know her children were fine. Officer explained the purpose of a welfare check and advised the female that there was no extenuating circumstances for a welfare check. Officer advised the female he would complete a report for record.

1/13/2021 - A complainant reported to the Phillips Police Department that they received a worthless check for services rendered and/or goods purchased. Attempts to collect the money owed by certified mail were unsuccessful or unanswered. Police issued a citation for each violation to the subject with a mandatory court appearance and in addition to the fine is requesting restitution be paid to the victim of this offense as part of a court order.

1/13/2021 - Dispatched to a report of an explosion inside of a residence. Officer responded and learned that the adult male patient was using oxygen while smoking and caused injury to his face. Central Price County Ambulance Service responded. Officer assisted with loading of the patient. Patient was transported via ambulance.

1/19/2021 - Received a report of a damage to property at a local cemetery. The officer responded, took photographs, and generated a report for record.

1/21/2021 - The Phillips Police Department and Price County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a local business for an assault in progress between a couple. Officers arrived on scene, interviewed all involved parties, and arrested one adult female for domestic disorderly conduct and domestic battery. While the female suspect was in the Price County Jail, she spit directly in the face of an officer. Further investigation also uncovered another domestic violence incident that occurred that week, as well. The adult female was arrested for bodily discharge on a peace officer, two counts of domestic disorderly conduct, two counts of domestic battery, one count of disorderly conduct, and physical abuse of a child.

1/24/2021 - Received a report of an individual illegally dumping there refuse at a local business. Investigation pending.

1/24/20201 - Advised by the City of Phillips Department of Public Works that a citizen had moved snow from their driveway into the middle of a city street. Officer met with the citizen and explained the proper snow removal procedure. Citizen stated they would remove the snow.

1/24/2021 - Notified of a vehicle deer accident at the intersection of Maple Street and South Avon Avenue. Officer arrived and determined the accident had occurred on County Hwy D. Officer advised the driver that they would complete a report for record. Officer explained the process for self-reporting the accident. Officer advised Price County Dispatch Center of the location of the accident to check for the deer.

1/27/2021 - Received a report of a possible scam that occurred at a local business in the City of Phillips. Officer received the information from the complainant and is investigating the matter.

1/28/2021 - Received a report of a female's vehicle tires being slashed. Officer took photos of the damaged tires and spoke with the victim of the incident. Investigation ongoing.

1/31/2021 - Conducted a search warrant at a local apartment complex. Officers located illegal substances and drug paraphernalia. One female will be referred to the District Attorney on charges of Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.


1/7/2021 - Received report of deer being illegally fed in the City of Park Falls, which is causing deer to cross the road in the area to get to the food. Feeding deer in the City of Park Falls is a violation of a city ordinance.

1/7/2021 - A woman reported that she and a neighbor had received index cards in their mailboxes. The woman stated the index cards she received stated "smile," "move," and "you you can."

1/14/2021 - A grocery store employee noticed a woman put some items in her purse. She then went through check-out to pay for other items. She was stopped by the carts upon exit, and police were called. The woman stated she had a clean record, which was accurate. She was issued a city ordinance citation for retail theft.

1/14/2021 - A woman reported finding a note card in her mail box stating "You got this," and a message written in the frost on the glass of her porch, written from the inside, which concerned her.

1/16/2021 - A man noticed his ladder was moved to his neighbor's house. The ladder was propped up by a window, and he was concerned that maybe someone had tried to break into the neighbor's home with his ladder. Police talked with the neighboring resident and found they had put it there because the screen had fallen off into the snow. The ladder was returned to the man.

1/22/2021 - A woman reported that someone called and told her she had been the victim of a scam and lost $500. The caller stated they needed to access her computer to investigate the scam. The woman gave the caller access to her computer. Once she realized it was a scam, she disconnected her computer and ended the call. The woman did not lose any money but stated the caller did get her Social Security number and driver's license number.

1/26/2021 - A crash occurred on Hwy. 13 near 3rd Street South. The officer observed a northbound SUV had been struck in the driver's side by a pick-up truck. The driver of the truck said he could not remember how the accident happened. He said he did hit his head in the accident but at first refused medical treatment. Another vehicle that had stopped and the vehicle that had been hit stated that the pick-up truck was traveling southbound, crossed the centerline, and struck the SUV in the front bumper and corner panel. The driver of the pick-up truck was again asked if he remembered how the accident happened. He stated he still did not remember and, complaining of head pain, finally accepted medical help.


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Feb 10, 2021
My Price County

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Feb 10, 2021

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