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My Price County

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POLICE REPORTS: MAY 2021 [Article #1]

The following are some of the summarized police reports for May 2021.


5-1-21, Phillips: A female called 911 crying, screaming, and unable to effectively communicate what was the nature of the emergency. Dispatch could hear a male in the background and heard the female say, multiple times, "Get out." She also said "Put it down, put it down!" Police arrived on scene.

5-1-21, Catawba: A woman reported another female was illegally disposing garbage in her dumpster.

5-3-21: Three cats came onto a man's property without his permission. He stated this is an abatement order violation that was issued to his neighbor.

5-4-21: A woman requested an officer to keep the peace as her roommate threatened to throw her freezers out in the yard.

5-5-21, Prentice: An abandoned 911 call appeared to come from the Prentice School. Multiple attempts were made to call back the number and locate the owner of the number. On call-backs, the person answering the phone said they wanted to sell a "depression box" to make the person depressed until they died. They also wanted five credit card numbers for the purchase of the box. The school was notified. A staff member called back to say they knew who made the call, who was answering the phone, and that everything was fine with the caller.

5-10-21, Phillips: An incarcerated man asked to use the phone to call his mother to let her know he was in jail. The call was not answered by his mother but was answered by a woman with an active restraining order against the incarcerated man.

5-12-21: A highway department worker was cutting trees and landed one on a power line, causing a fire. The highway department attempted to put out the fire with two fire extinguishers but were unsuccessful.

5-13-21: A woman called to report she rolled her vehicle but did not have any injuries, and she stated she did not know what happened.

5-14-21, Phillips: A man reported his cabin was broken into, was a mess, and items were stolen.

5-16-21, Phillips: A woman called to report a man, standing in the middle of the road, would not let them pass through to get to a boat landing. Meanwhile, a woman called to say her husband was trying to stop a vehicle from going down their private drive. The original caller was notified the "road" was actually a private drive that did not lead to a boat landing, and the couple was given directions for how to get to the boat landing on an actual road.

5-18-21, Kennan: A report of possible dog abuse of seven dogs was received. The dogs were reported to get very little food and are never seen outside.

5-20-21, Prentice: A guest was found near the front desk of a motel during the night, making noise, which alerted an employee of the motel. The guest may have been behind the desk as several drawers and cabinets behind the desk were open.

5-20-21, Phillips: A woman reported enough nails, bolts, and boards on a county road to make a person scared to drive. A deputy checked the area but only found one bolt on the road.

5-22-21, Phillips: A woman reported a motorcyclist had hit a deer and was complaining of hip pain but was alert and oriented.


5-3-21: A possible domestic violence incident was reported at a residence. Officers arrived and determined the incident had not occurred but arrested one female for violating conditions of bond.

5-6-21: A female reported being harassed by another female.

5-9-21: An adult male said he had a compound fracture and requested the ambulance service evaluate him. He also stated he had been kicked out of his residence and had nowhere to go. He said his vehicle broke down at a local park and his parents were unable to assist him. The parent informed the office the adult male lied about not having a place to go, having a broken vehicle, and the compound fracture.


5-2-21: A two vehicle accident occurred when one man was stopped at a red light. The man driving a vehicle behind him saw the light turned green and reached down for his soda. He stated he figured the car in front of him would immediately proceed, but the car hesitated for a moment, and the man struck the back of the other vehicle. No injuries were reported.

5-3-21: A man reported that headlights shined through his living room for ten seconds the prior night, and he wondered if it could be someone with whom he had a recent falling out.

5-12-21: A report was received that a white pick-up truck was parked nearby a residence. Inside was a man, possibly in his 60s, with a long, white beard who the person felt was watching children playing in a yard for about fifteen minutes. The people reporting this felt it was suspicious behavior.

5-15-21: A crash occurred on CTH B. One badly damaged pick-up truck was in the middle of the road and appeared to have rolled a number of times. The male driver was lying on the ground, surrounded by people who came upon the scene, and the man was unconscious but taking gasping breaths. There was apparent injury to his face and head. EMTs arrived on scene to help with emergency medical services and the man was transported to the hospital in Park Falls and later airlifted to another medical facility. People identifying themselves as friends of the man said he is a resident of Lugerville.

5-25-21: A possible burglary occurred on 7th Avenue and is under investigation.

5-27-21: A two vehicle accident occurred in a parking lot. The driver who hit the other vehicle did not have a valid driver's license, so an officer transported her home. The damage from the accident was over $1,000.

5-27-21: A concerned citizen reported two males breaking into a storage unit with pry bars. Both men were located, detained, and searched. Drugs and drug paraphernalia were found. One male was arrested and was one referred.

5-29-21: A report of computer sex crimes involving a minor is undergoing investigation.

Jun 05, 2021
My Price County

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Jun 05, 2021

Re: POLICE REPORTS: MAY 2021 [Article #3]

Nice report
I see that every year crime is falling before our eyes!

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Oct 13, 2021

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