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My Price County

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Below are some of the police reports from October 2021.


10-1-21: There was a one vehicle accident in the Town of Fifield.

10-2-21: A man called and stated he should be arrested because he stole a TV stand. It was decided the man was possibly intoxicated. An officer responded.

10-11-21: A township called to report UTVs and ATVs, on video footage, racing up and down the road, causing damage to the roadway. While on the phone, staff noted there was another group racing down the road.

10-11-21: A man called about someone possibly poaching deer near his house. A red Chevy pick-up truck drove up to a field in front of his house, and he believed the people inside were scouting for deer to shoot. The man scared the deer away by making noise and the truck sped off. He believes these same individuals may have bee involved in an incident where they were shooing deer from the road.

10-12-21: A woman reported being scammed on Facebook. She messaged someone who listed a puppy for sale. She thought the seller was local, but it turned out someone was using a local woman's name falsely. To hold the puppy for purchase, the woman sent a $150 deposit, which was pending, and was instructed to send another $150 but did not do so. The woman contacted her bank but the bank stated they could not take action until the payment finished processing.

10-13-21: A teacher at the Prentice Middle School was attacked by a larger 8th grade student. The student then locked himself in a front room, but the school was able to watch him there and gain access to the room if needed. No medical attention was needed.

10-13-21: A man stated he accidentally called 911 by pressing the buttons on the side of his phone three times. The man would not give any identifying information stating it was his Fifth Amendment right. A TLO search provided two possible locations and officers responded.

10-14-21: A woman called believing she was scammed by someone claiming to be a local electric company stating she needed to pay her late bill or her electricity would be turned off.

10-14-21: A man called stating someone claiming to be Xcel Energy said he owed a late bill. The man said he would put a check in the mail, which made the caller upset, and the caller demanded the man pay with a credit card. The man did not pay with a credit card so no money was lost in the scam.

10-14-21: A woman stated she was traveling in the Township of Eisenstein toward Park Falls. A vehicle passed her vehicle and almost hit her. When the vehicle turned into a driveway, she stopped to confront the person. The woman said the male driver pulled a gun and pointed it at her when she said she was going to report him for almost hitting her. She said the gun had a laser on it.

10-16-21: A man reported a vehicle on the road that appeared to be a roll-over accident. The airbags had deployed so the caller could not tell if anyone was in the vehicle. The Catawba Fire Department notified dispatch that a subject was located lying in a ditch, and the subject was conscious and talking.

10-16-21: A man reported hunting in the Lugerville area on public land. He stated that someone in a parked vehicle watched him for about 20 minutes while he got his gear on. When he left that evening, the truck was still there with another person in it. That person followed him down Popple Hill Road, County F, and Lugerville Grade Road. The man did a u-turn and the driver followed him on County Road F. The man pulled over and the driver passed him. However, the truck was waiting for him further down the road and started following the man again. However, near the quarry in Lugerville, the truck headed back toward Phillips.

10-19-21: A woman called that a stray cat had killed two doves outside her house, and, because of the stray cat, she now has an infestation of rabbits, skunks, and mice.

10-21-21: A restaurant in Fifield called to report a two vehicle accident.

10-21-21: A welfare check was conducted on a man making suicidal and homicidal statements. The man was threatening to kill his mother and said he was hearing things and voices. The man was taken into protective custody.

10-21-21: A woman received a scam call from someone claiming to be Xcel Energy asking her to pay her bill or the electric would be cut off.

10-26-21: A woman received a scam e-mail stating she needed to send $215 in Bitcoin or video and photos of her pleasuring herself would be sent out to her friends and media. The woman stated she only has a tablet with a camera but she has a Band-Aid over it. She was advised it was a scam. She had not sent any money.

10-26-21: A woman called to report her door was open when she came home and her wedding ring, a diamond and ruby ring, about $500 in change she had in a glass container, and some Milwaukee power tools were missing.

10-26-21: A business owner called to report harassment stating someone was creating fake accounts and posting negative things about his business.

10-27-21: A woman called stating she received a call at 11:15 p.m. from a man whose business she gave a low rating. Minutes after she posted the rating, the man called her stating, "See what the **** happens next."

10-27-21: A man called to say people are making fake Facebook profiles and leaving bad reviews toward his business.

10-28-21: A woman purchased diet drops on a webiste that required her to use a third party payment company. Days later she received paperwork to confirm her new account with a credit union in Virginia. She called the credit union and was informed she may be a victim of identify theft.


10-1-21: An intoxicated, disorderly male was at a local business. The man was referred for misdemeanor bail jumping and disorderly conduct.

10-4-21: Police received a report of property damage at a local park on County Road H. THe officer documented the area and an investigation is ongoing.

10-5-21: An intoxicated male was seen vomiting outside of a gas station. An officer responded and spoke with the man. The man had an open bond through Price County. The officer confiscated the alcohol from the man and forwarded bail jumping misdemeanor charges to the district attorney's office.

10-5-21: An intoxicated, disorderly male came to the courthouse and was escorted out by the police. The man then urinated on a tree on the courthouse property. The officer arrested the male subject for disorderly conduct, lewd and lascivious behavior, and misdemeanor bail jumping. The officer completed a bail denial as the male subject posed a threat to his safety and the public's safety due to his intoxication.

10-8-21: A property owner received a courtesy violation notice to clean up the junk and appliances scattered throughout their property within 72 hours.

10-11-21: A woman reported that her deceased brother had money and it was now missing from a residence.

10-11-21: A woman reported that her husband was missing for a week. His brother was contacted and said he was fine but just needed some time away.

10-12-21: Officers and emergency services responded, in emergency mode, to a baby possibly choking at a residence. When they arrived, the child was in good health.

10-13-21: A citizen reported that a representative at a business spoke with profanity to the citizen's wife and requested the interaction be documented.

10-15-21: A disturbance in an apartment building turned out to be a man arguing with himself to try to calm down.

10-15-21: A woman filed a theft complaint against two of her former employees. The officer obtained statements and an investigation is pending.

10-18-21: A vehicle on South Avon Avenue was stopped for illegal window tint and no registration lamps. Price County K9 alerted on the vehicle, and it was searched. An unknown burnt substance was found in foil paper and is getting further testing. The driver threw a cigarette out of the vehicle during the stop and was cited for littering and received a written warning for window tint and no registration lamp.

10-21-21: Assisted with an adult man who was unloading a semi trailer and had fallen. The patient was transported to a medical facility.

10-21-21: Several elementary school classes were told about bike safety, and each child received a new bicycle helmet provided by the American Legion.

10-22-21: The local school district provided information about a parent who acted inappropriately on school property. An officer spoke with the parent about how to properly address concerns.

10-24-21: A man with suicidal thoughts discharged a firearm into his hand, which caused injury, and he was transported to a medical facility and then a mental health institution.

10-25-21: Police received a report of a scam that was going on in the City of Phillips. An officer drafted an information report of the incident.

10-28-21: A one vehicle traffic accident sent two individuals to a local medical facility for treatment.


10-1-2021: Three male juveniles were reportedly throwing litter at passing cars from a moving bus. Based on the camera footage from the bus, two citations were issued.

10-6-21: A burglary was reported in process. One person had a minor injury to their nose but did not want medical attention or to press charges. Officers were unable to locate the suspect.

10-6-21: A homeowner received a citation and was given seven days to remove multiple junked vehicles from his property.

10-8-21: A welfare check was requested for a man who the reporting party thought might be in danger of his wife. Contact was made with the man and woman, and they said they were out of town for the weekend and were okay. An officer will follow-up to investigate the possible domestic incident.

10-9-21: A man backed his truck into an apartment complex's garage door. Since the person involved was related to the officer on duty, another officer was sent to the scene.

10-17-21: A woman called to report a loud booming noise possibly from her basement. An officer responded and did not hear or find the source of any noise. The home owner was thankful to have it checked.

10-18-21: Murals on a local bar were vandalized.

10-19-21: A gas station reported a theft due to video footage, photographs, and duplicate receipts but the suspect, items taken, and vehicle plates are all unknown. An investigation is ongoing.

10-20-21: Assisted Price County with a mental health situation. The crisis line was contacted and a safety plan was set up.

10-20-21: A student struck a teacher in the face causing a possible broken nose. An officer spoke with the female student.

10-20-21: A house was egged.

10-22-21: A house was egged.

10-26-21: A woman reported that the neighbor to her business was putting up a fence near the property line and was wondering if he was provided a permit.

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My Price County

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