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By purchasing this membership, you agree to the following terms: I agree that My Price County has been contracted by me (and/or the business I represent) to create a web ad or a web ad with the design of a deluxe webpage, either with full benefits of a yearly professional membership, as stated on the My Price County website. I have the authority to execute this agreement for these services on behalf of the business I represent. I understand and agree that the yearly payment is non-refundable. If paying by credit card, I understand I will have an auto renewal that I may cancel before the annual due date. If paying by check, I understand I will receive a billing statement to renew. The situs of the sale is in Phillips, Wisconsin, Price County. I agree that any disputes brought by me or the business I represent will be handled through arbitration. If, for some reason, My Price County cannot complete the contracted work, I agree that the liability of My Price County is limited to the return of any unused portion of the payment. I further agree and understand that My Price County will always hold the full copyright for the design work. I certify that anything I, (on behalf of the business I represent), give to My Price County for the creation of these services, including but not limited to text, graphics, photos, design work, is mine (or that of the business I represent) to freely give and does not impose on the copyright of anyone else, and the business I represent will take full responsibility if there is any infringement. I understand that My Price County will make ads for my business based on content I provide to them or marketing content we post and that those ads will be used on the My Price County website, Facebook page, and other forms of advertising. I understand the subscription is for one business only, and the business I represent can only post information related to our one business and not other businesses as each business needs its own professional membership. I agree that My Price County is not responsible for any interruption in service or any deleted, modified, or lost content. I agree that I (or the business I am representing) is responsible for all content we post on My Price County and its subsidiary webpages (and that we will only post on our business’s “i” information page). By purchasing this membership, I understand and agree to the above terms.

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