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Dec 16, 2020 at 02:15 AM


10-6-2020 - Phillips: An officer came upon an accident where two vehicles had individually hit a wolf.

10-8-2020 - Prentice: A woman called requesting her husband be released from jail but she was not going to pay any money to have him released. She stated the man was being denied a nurse while in jail. She also told the corrections officer that he was a singer and he needed to stop his singing and stop the craziness. The woman stated the sheriff's office also has a machine going that sings.

10-9-2020 - Park Falls / Catawba: A man requested police to keep the peace as he went to pick up his vehicle. The man advised a shop had completed repairs without his permission and charged double what had been quoted. The man doesn't feel comfortable meeting with the shop owner without police being present.

10-10-2020 - Park Falls: A man reported seeing teens setting off firecrackers and blowing air horn type canisters from their vehicles. The man said there is a major deer crossing in this area which may have something to do with this situation.

10-12-2020 - Prentice: A woman called stating that her husband was in jail and very sick with the flu he got from someone he was housed with, and she knew he was very sick and needed medical attention before he died. Corrections staff checked on the man's well-being, though he recently had been visited by a nurse regarding concerns about his health.

10-13-2020 - Phillips: Callers reported a driver in the ditch near Short Cut Road.

10-14-2020 - Ogema: A woman reported hearing a dog barking in a house that has been abandoned for years. She feared the dog may be trapped.

10-14-2020 - Phillips: A woman reported two blonde females walking on her property stating they were looking for their cat. The woman went inside to make a live trap with tuna, but the women disappeared, which caused her to find this suspicious.

10-15-2020: A caller requested an ambulance for her four year old brother who accidentally stabbed his arm while carving a pumpkin.

10-17-2020 - Fifield: Multiple callers stated they heard a loud sound and felt the ground shake during what they thought was a large explosion.

10-18-2020 - Prentice: A man called needing an ambulance because his defibrillator kept shocking him. He stated he had been shocked five or six times.

10-20-2020: A woman called to report she rolled her vehicle, stating she and her passenger were not injured. This is one of a number of vehicles in ditches along roadways over the next few days.

10-23-2020: A woman called to report a man broke a window in her vehicle even though he is supposed to be on house arrest. She reported he also made threats on the life of her current boyfriend.

10-25-2020: A man reported a deer with an arrow sticking out of it walking across his property. A deputy was going to dispatch the deer, but the caller called back to state the deer had left his property.

11-3-2020 - Park Falls / Phillips: A woman reported that her friend had been beaten up a couple weeks ago at a resort in Phillips. They did not report it at the time but they recently learned the man had been attacked with a baseball bat and has brain damage and his face is paralyzed.

11-4-2020: Phillips: A man reported that an officer had shined a light into his residence and was harassing him. Dispatch spoke with the officer who stated his headlights briefly shined into the residence but he shut them off and explained the incident to the home owner. The home owner stated that he wanted to file a complaint with the sheriff's office, but dispatch explained the complaint would need to be filed with the Phillips Police Department since the officer is employed through that agency. The man did not agree and stated he would keep calling until he could file a complaint with the sheriff's office.

11-7-2020: Phillips: A man reported that he parked his truck near the road by some hunting land and when he came back from hunting two or three hours later, the back window of his truck was smashed.

11-7-2020 - Phillips: A man reported that he and a friend were in a UTV and stopped by a field to look at a large buck. While stopped, a man came up behind them quickly in a truck in an attempt to scare them. He also told them they could not be there, but they were on a public roadway. When they did not appear scared, the driver put his truck in reverse and whipped around. The man also reported that his friend saw the driver shove a clip into a gun while turning around but the man has poor vision and did not see this. He went back and forth regarding if a gun was pointed at them.

11-7-2020 - Catawba: A woman reported that a man had placed a snowmobile on top of a utility pole and she was afraid it might fall. She said she saw several pictures on social media and her friend said he saw it in person.

11-9-2020 - Phillips: A man stopped at a woman's house asking where a local bar was. The woman stated that the man tried to enter her house but she was able to shut the door and lock it. Another resident of the home said she saw someone walking around the house with a flashlight. Police patrolled the area.

11-11-2020 - Brantwood: A man reported that everyone was out of the house but that his house was on fire due to his wood stove.

11-14-2020 - Phillips: Deputies responded to a call from a local bar with about a dozen people wanting to fight.

11-17-2020 - Catawba / Phillips: A man reported he hit a pile of gravel on the roadway the night before, which he estimated to be 1 1/2 feet tall. He said his truck went airborne, and he hit his head on the cab. He stated both shocks broke on his truck. He stated that he was aware a high school student had an accident in that area the night before and was in the hospital with broken bones; however, dispatch had no reports of an accident. The man stated he saw one "loose gravel" sign and wanted the township or the contractor to pay for the damages to his truck. Someone from the township stated the crew had went out the night before and graded the road. He stated "loose gravel" signs were up.

11-21-2020 - Prentice: A security company reported a silent hold-up alarm at a business. The business called five or six minutes later reporting a tall, thin man with dark hair came into the store and robbed the store. He was driving a white Suburban-style vehicle. The reporting party stated the man appeared to be intoxicated and he was roughing up the place during the robbery. No one was injured.

11-21-2020 - Ogema: A woman reported her husband heard someone hunting in the woods with what sounded like a machine gun.

11-27-2020 - Rib Lake: A business owner reported a man came into his establishment, and they got into an altercation which led to the man biting the business owner's finger. He stated he did not need medical treatment.



10-5-2020: Five juveniles were on the roof of a local business and were warned not to go on the building again.

10-8-2020: A city resident notified police that their sewage line was backing up in their basement. An officer notified the Department of Public Works to handle the situation.

10-8-2020: A suspicious package left in the brush near an alleyway contained alcoholic beverages wrapped in a grocery bag. An adult male placed the package there but police were unable to locate the man.

10-10-2020: A two-vehicle accident occurred at Lake Avenue and Maple Street. No injuries were reported.

10-17-2020: A motor vehicle accident happened at the intersection of County Highway F and Crane Chase Road. A driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated.

10-19-2020: The police were notified of a walking trail through a local cemetery, as well as tourists being disrespectful toward grave sites.

10-19-2020: A California man contacted the police stating his Internet girlfriend had possibly attempted suicide in the City of Phillips. Police conducted an investigation and determined the woman in question was in a Wisconsin prison and faking her identity. The officer informed the man of the situation, and he said he would pursue criminal charges in California for fraud.

10-20-2020: Police performed a welfare check on a female resident who was found intoxicated and undressed at her residence. The woman did not know what day it was or her last name. The woman was transported to the hospital and then to a detox facility.

10-23-2020: A man reported he had received threatening voice and text messages from another man who he believed also threw a brick through the back window of his vehicle.

10-27-2020: After receiving a report of possible fraud at a local pharmacy, an officer and drug investigator spoke with the suspect who gave a false story regarding attempting to defraud a pharmacy. The woman, from Chicago, IL, was arrested with ties to criminal gang activity due to attempting to obtain a Schedule II narcotic with a false prescription.

11-4-2020: A man approached a police vehicle and was recording it. When the officer confronted the person, he stated the officer was harassing him.

11-19-2020: An elderly man called the police to state he got someone else's mail in his mailbox. The man stated he was so upset that he threw the packages in the road. Police advised him not to do that in the future and then retrieved the packages, getting them to their rightful owner.

11-30-2020: A police officer was dispatched to a vehicle where a child and pet were accidentally locked inside. When the officer arrived, the pet unlocked the vehicle.


10-1-2020: Near the paper mill, a vehicle was unable to stop in time and struck the rear of a vehicle that was stopped in front of her that was planning to turn.

10-4-2020: A mother received several calls on her son's phone in which the caller stated something about a drug deal at a local gas station. The woman drove to the gas station and called the police. When the person called back a third time, a policeman asked the mother if he could answer the call. The caller stated it was a prank done by his friends and would not give his or their names. The police officer observed two pick-up trucks at a local hardware store shortly thereafter and approached one with three individuals inside to ask about the incident. Eventually, one of the male juveniles admitted he had made the prank calls. The officer advised him to call the mother and apologize, which he did do shortly thereafter according to the mother.

10-9-2020: A man stated he tried to apply the brakes at an intersection. He started to slow down but then the brakes failed, which caused him to roll into the intersection and strike the side of a semi. No injuries were reported.

10-11-2020: A woman saw an approximately 4-year old child outside who began playing with her children. The police were called and an officer was able to return the child to her home. The woman who was there said the child must have walked outside while she was sleeping and that the parents of the child were at a local store. The police officer found the father at the store and explained to him the child was outside and unattended. The father became upset by this news. The officer told the father that Human Services would be notified of the incident. The father replied he previously had a referral with them.

10-14-2020: A police officer was dispatched to a dental clinic with a report of two women likely under the influence of something. One woman was in a dental appointment and the other woman was in the bathroom. The officer noted there were pills on the bathroom floor and the woman admitted she had fallen asleep on the floor. She stated that her prescription pills had fallen out of her purse, and she was trying to pick them up. The officer could not find drug paraphernalia in the bathroom or on the woman. The woman stated a man had driven them there, and they were released to him.

11-3-2020: A woman reported that her landlord was making sexual comments toward her. When asked, the landlord said the tenant was the one making sexual advances toward him. Both were informed to cease any such behavior.

11-13-2020: Police were called to an apartment where a man, who has an active restraining order against him, was trying to contact his ex-girlfriend. The woman stated it was the third time he was knocking on her door that day. The woman and a man, who was visiting the woman, both told him to leave. After conducting interviews, the police took the man with the active restraining order to jail. The next day, the man who was visiting the woman notified police he found a threatening note on his car stating to leave the woman alone and that they were "going out" so he should find another girl. Charges of disorderly conduct and harassment were filed.

11-13-2020: A woman received threatening text messages from an unknown person. The messages stated that someone who knew her had hired this person to kill her and would do so if she did not pay him half of the amount he was going to get to kill her. The number came from Idaho and the officer believed it was a scam trying to get money from her. The woman then showed the officer some loose inside trim and a hole in a closet ceiling that she feared were places someone was trying to enter her residence. The officer explained the interior trim merely didn't sit flush with the wall and no exterior damage was noted, plus the hole in the closet ceiling was likely from a ceiling light that had been removed.


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