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My Price County
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POLICE REPORTS: MAY 2020 [Article #1]

The following are some of the summarized police reports for May 2020.


5/1/2020, Fifield - A man called to report that he met his daughter and her mother to take his daughter for court-ordered visitation. The daughter told her father she did not want to go with him because he had been working out of state and she did not want the possibility of contracting COVID-19 and passing it on to her grandparents. The father felt the mother manipulated the child into feeling this way. The caller wanted to inform a deputy of the situation and get information regarding next steps.

5/2/2020, Prentice - Several 911 calls were received regarding a vehicle on fire on State Highway 13 near Whitby Road.

5/2/2020, Phillips - A male caller reported a container of yellow liquid on the north shoulder of County Road D. The caller was concerned as he had heard of explosive bottles being found in the area.

5/3/2020, Phillips - A man called to report he woke up to his dogs barking and a woman in his kitchen. She told him she had driven her car into a ditch to the north of his home and asked him to call the police for her. She left immediately after telling him this, and he told police he would likely get in his truck to check on the situation. A woman then called 911 to report the female's vehicle was on fire. Central Price County Ambulance and Phillips Fire Department were paged. A deputy requested a second ambulance. After the Phillips Fire Department returned to the station, the deputy requested to have them return as another small fire started. Phillips Fire Department was paged but the deputy stated the fire was out and there was no need to respond so the fire call was cancelled.

5/4/2020, Phillips - A man called to report a possible bottle bomb near his residence. Police responded and determined the bottle was not dangerous.

5/5/2020, Ogema - A woman called to report that she is selling property in Ogema. She had her property surveyed and had markers put up to show the property line. She stated the survey showed a portion of what was believed to be her neighbor's property is actually part of her land. The neighbor was not pleased with this information, and the owner believes he may have removed a post marking the correct property line. She noted there were fresh ATV tracks nearby.

5/5/2020, Phillips - A man called to report that, while driving in his field, he found a bag with drug paraphernalia and some marijuana inside. There was also a love note enclosed.

5/7/2020, Phillips - A man came to the jail's lobby and stated he was there to turn himself in for a probation or parole violation.

5/11/2020, Ogema - An ambulance was requested for a man who had a tree fall on him on Pennington Road. The man was conscious but bleeding from his head. He was able to stand up on his own.

5/12/2020, Ogema - A man called 911 to report a woman was hanging on his neck while yelling and screaming at him. He said the woman was intoxicated and had been so for three days. While on the phone with 911, the man took the woman's drink and the woman came after the man. He then threw the drink in her face and they ended up on the ground.

5/12/2020, Phillips - A man called reporting he found a fawn in his back yard. The man was informed that does may leave their fawns for up to ten hours. The man was told to stay away from the area but contact the DNR in the morning if the fawn was still there.

5/13/2020, Phillips - Numerous people called 911 reporting a Price County Highway Department vehicle running cars off the road on Hwy. 111 heading toward Hwy. 13. The highway department then called 911 to report one of their workers was having a diabetic reaction at the intersection of Hwy. 111 and Hwy. 13.

5/14/2020, Prentice - A man who was doing some construction work at an apartment complex in Prentice stated his cell phone was taken out of a room while he was working in another room. When he called his number, a man answered, sounding like he was trying to disguise his voice, stating, "Come to house in Catawba and will give you phone" and "Come get it." However, the person would not say who they were or where they were located. The man said the complex has 14 apartment units and 3 male tenants.

5/19/2020, Ogema - A woman called to report that her son had sent a pornographic video over Facebook Messenger to a person thought to be in India. The person then made a group chat with the boy and his two sisters. The mother was also added to the group chat. The mother then received a Facebook Messenger message asking for $1,000. The final offer was $200 not to post the video. The mother's Facebook account had an attempted failed log-in.

5/21/2020, Park Falls - A man reported his mailbox and post had been damaged during the night for the second time.

5/22/2020, Park Falls - A man reported his mailbox was vandalized during the night and he learned his neighbor's mailbox had also been vandalized three different times in the past couple weeks.

5/24/2020, Prentice - A woman reported that her husband came home and stated his drug dealer was going to kill him and his family. The man said they had been following and videotaping them. The man then left the home. The woman said the man may be coming down from meth and was unsure if the threats to the family were true.

5/24/2020, Prentice - A man called asking that someone remove his ex-wife from his home. The woman was heard saying, "I'm leaving. I don't know why you have to be so dramatic." The man started yelling and dispatch told the man to separate himself from his ex-wife so they could stop yelling. The man told dispatch, "You can **** off, too." Dispatch called back and the man told dispatch again to "**** off" and he hung up.

5/25/2020, Phillips - A woman called 911 stating her step-son had just killed himself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

5/26/2020, Fifield - A woman reported damage to her mailbox and her neighbors' mailboxes.

5/26/2020, Prentice - A woman reported her daughter was followed twice while running by a male subject on a bicycle. He followed her to the school and waited outside until she left. The male has been seen riding up and down the street for the past week. He is in his early 20s, white, and has short blonde / red hair.

5/27/2020, Ogema - A man called that he wanted to break up with his girlfriend but she grabbed a screwdriver and threatened she would stab and kill herself if he ever left her. The man did not know what to do as he did want to break up with the woman but he also did not want her to harm herself. He said she has many mental health issues.

5/27/2020, Park Falls - A woman called to report that a veterinary clinic was not allowing her to see her dog due to a bill dispute. The woman was very upset and she advised she felt the vet clinic almost killed her dog.

5/29/2020, Brantwood - A man reported a motorcycle accident on Hwy. 86 and Johnson Road. The male motorcyclist was conscious but dispatch could hear moaning in the background. There was a lot of blood and seemed to be head injuries. The man was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

5/30/2020, Park Falls - A man reported a possible fight with half a dozen people present outside a bar. The people then re-entered the bar.


5/3/2020 - A caller stated two juveniles were in a dumpster. The office patrolled the area and located two juveniles with a cart of housing materials. The officer had the juveniles return the material to the dumpster. The officer made contact with the home owner and advised the juveniles not to trespass on the property again.

5/4/2020 - A caller reported an elderly female was missing from an assisted living facility. Officers patrolled the immediate area and made contact with the staff at the facility to gather more information. A staff member advised officers that the missing person was found in another tenant's room taking a shower.

5/7/2020 - A complaint of a bear on the deck of a residence was received. Police responded but could not locate a bear. The resident was advised to call the DNR if the bear continues to come around so that the bear can be relocated.

5/8/2020 - An officer witnessed fireworks being ignited. The officer explained safety concerns and issued a warning for the violation of a city ordinance.

5/12/2020 - An elderly woman jumped out of a moving vehicle due to suffering from dementia and was experiencing an episode. The woman was transported to the hospital.

5/15/2020 - Police responded to a fire call on Airport Road at a factory. Officers made sure everyone was out of the building and directed traffic so firefighters could handle the fire.

5/15/2020 - A woman reported she walked by an abandoned business and noticed there was broken glass from the windows on the sidewalk. An officer took photographs of the damage and contacted the property owner.

5/20/2020 - A drug search warrant was conducted at a house and an adult male was arrested for possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia. A child was removed from the residence by Price County Human Services.

5/27/2020 - Many courtesy violation notices were issued for failure to cut grass according to city codes.

5/31/2020 - The department was asked to do random security checks at a local apartment complex due to possible drug activity.


5/21/2020 - A man called stating the mother of his child did not pick up their child for her scheduled time. The man was not able to get in touch with the woman but did get in touch with the woman's mother who stated the mother of the child needed some "me time" and would not be taking the child that day.

5/21/2020 - A caller reported that six to eight individuals were at an empty commercial building. Officers arrived at the scene and observed a green plant material on the railing near a soda bottle. The material smelled strongly of marijuana. A partially rolled marijuana joint was also found. The area was patrolled.

5/25/2020 - An officer was requested for county assistance at the hospital. A juvenile female had been at Solberg Lake Campground with some friends and felt pressured to ingest a substance, though she did not know how she ingested it but stated it was like she was drinking and breathing at the same time. The juvenile stated a Busch Light can was used to inhale the substance. A woman found the juvenile having a seizure at the park. The woman asked the other three juveniles what had happened and they left the scene.

5/28/2020 - A man stated that a group of juveniles were knocking over rocks and a log bench on the north end of his property.


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My Price County
Status: Administrator
Posts: 365
Registered: Apr 09, 2019
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