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My Price County

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You are invited to a free lake, lunch, and learn event put on by Rick's Lakeside Rental and Tree Top Insurance. Receive information on how to save money on insurance for your home, cabin, auto, and business, plus ways to make your money work harder so you can retire with peace and confidence, all while protecting against the rising cost of health care. There will be fun for all with food, boat rides, and prizes.

Sandy (Claussen) Sleck is a Park Falls graduate, meeting the love of her life, Bill Sleck, when she was sixteen years old. Sandy and Bill were married at Peace Lutheran church in 1977 and moved to Minnesota to pursue their careers. However, they return to the northwoods often to visit family and friends and enjoy the Sleck family farm in Lugerville.

"We have four wonderful kids and now eight amazing grandkids. We have built an amazing life!" Sandy shared. Loving spending time with family and friends, plus an affinity for travel, Sandy and Bill recently purchased a motor home, which will allow her to add some enjoyment when she has to travel for work as an insurance agent.

Sandy has been in the insurance field for over 42 years, beginning in health claims, but started her own brokerage two years ago, enjoying giving direct attention to her clients' needs. "I love helping people with a holistic view of insurance. Plus, since I am a baby boomer, I am very interested in having an income in retirement and protecting myself from the rising cost of health care," Sandy explained of her interest in her field.

While she has a passion for work, Sandy loves her role as "Nana." Being a grandmother is at the top of her list of rewarding things in life. Enjoying photography as a hobby works out perfect to capture all the stages of life with the grandkids, family events, and travel adventures, preserving those memories for future generations. While she is not a professional, her photos are the subject of coffee table books and large wall hangings. Two of her favorite photos are early morning waves on the most eastern coast of Australia that hangs over her fireplace and the large sea turtle taken while snorkeling in Belize, which hangs in her bathroom to remind her of the amazing adventures.

She also enjoys spending time with her family at the cabin on Musser Lake, which is owned by her brother-in-law, Rick. Sandy and Rick share an amazing mother-in-law, Marion Sleck, 98 years young and still living on the family farm. "The idea to do this event was born out of spending time with family from six months old to 98 years old at Rick's cabin," Sandy said. "The event will provide education while having fun in a relaxed setting."

This free event will include a presentation at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. The topic will be, "The Rising Cost of Healthcare." Further explaining the event, Sandy stated, "This event is an exciting opportunity to get tools and resources to help people stay informed and be in control of making financial decisions that will make their goals and dreams come true. It's not about how much money you have but how you turn that money into a life-long income to enjoy the hard-worked for time of retirement."

A BBQ Chicken meal with all the fixings will be served at noon. After lunch, the group will be able to enjoy conversation on the grounds and boat rides with Rick for fun and relaxation. During that time, individual meetings can be set up with Sandy and her team, all free of charge.

"I have an amazing team of people," Sandy shared. "I partner with the people I do because I personally use and trust their advice." These people include Chris Baso, Nick Murray, and Jen Wick.

Explaining the free services they will offer at the event, Sandy shared, "Chris Baso has been in the financial services industry for 15 years and has been a Certified Financial Planner since 2014. He specializes in helping advisors and their clients prepare for retirement by providing education and a straight-forward approach to generating consistent income sources so that you can enjoy the retirement that you've worked so hard to earn. Chris is amazing and in an hour, I have seen him show people how they can have enough income to retire and live their dreams. If you are unhappy with your CD rates and feel they are not growing or providing the income replacement you want and need for retirement, in as little as ten minutes, Chris will show you a way to make that happen while taking no risk with your hard-earned money."

"Nick Murray is an expert in Medicare. With so many Medicare choices, he feels confident he can help anyone find their best fit. He is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge," according to Sandy. He has been in the insurance field since 2013.

"Jen Wick is great with planning ways to use a Hybrid Annuity to cover long-term care costs, income needs, and life insurance needs that even pay a living benefit with a fatal diagnosis," Sandy explained. "We all work together to find out what someone wants, is best for the client, and help them fulfill their goals and dreams."

Sandy added, "I wanted to hold this event at Rick's Lakeside Rental so it could be a fun time as well as a time to hear about ideas for the third part of our lives. Rick wanted to host this event because Tree Top Insurance has helped him save hundreds on his cabin and auto insurance and get the right coverage. When he bought the cabin several years ago he was under-insured and over paying. He has also worked with Chris Baso to secure some income and have freedom to enjoy his hobbies with an early retirement. This is an exciting opportunity for you as there will be steps to take with helping you make decisions to make your dreams and financial goals a reality, all while keeping your money safe. Our goal is to give you tools and resources to help you stay informed and be in control without the stress of the financial markets ups and downs and high cost of health care."

"We are looking forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can help you protect what you have grown or making plans for a fun family time at the lake, making your dreams come true!" Sandy shared. "Here is the catch, though. Seating is limited for lunch." If you would like to join Rick, Sandy, and Sandy's team at Musser Lake in Phillips on Tuesday, June 15, 2021, they request an RSVP for lunch tickets by calling or texting Rick at 715-797-7627 or e-mailing

To kick-off the fun portion of the event right away, Sandy and Rick are offering various giveaways, with the grand prize being a fishing or evening boat ride or a two night stay at a campsite. There are five easy ways to enter, as follows:

RSVP for the presentation and lunch

Show up for the presentation and lunch

Bring a friend

As you chat with each expert they will give you another entry for the drawings

If you can't make it, let Sandy or Rick know what you interested in learning about to get an entry

To get your first entry now, RSVP and make appointments by calling or texting Rick at 715-797-7627 or e-mailing For more information and to register online, you can view Sandy's website at

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May 27, 2021
My Price County

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Scroll for more photos.

May 27, 2021
My Price County

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Photos of the Sleck family enjoying family time at the lake

May 27, 2021

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